founded in 2005 by natalie markoff, the markoff group is a hands-on agency, with a phenomenal track record in the marketing and development of luxury brands. with a keen understanding of the luxury market, we work with a select number of clients to target, nurture and shape their customer base while expanding their business and revenue streams through strategic partnering and brand development.

our growth strategies maximize client impact, brand positioning, and business development through nurturing long-standing professional relationships and developing top-level collaboration in order to advance investments to full market potential.

markoff group utilizes a broad industry perspective, creating bespoke marketing strategies dependent on client needs and ideals. we take pride in business models based on knowledge that each company has unique strengths and goals, and therefore flourish under a custom-built business plan. we implement innovative marketing strategies to elevate clients above their peers.

Natalie Markoff Bio

brand image & awareness

through public relations, marketing, and business development strategies, we collaborate closely with each client to ensure that goals are identified and discussed in depth. the markoff group’s primary angle is to provide strong and collaborative direction that caters to each client’s specific objectives.

public relations

our solid media relations elevate client stature and make brand names ubiquitous to the target audience using credible third party exposure. client reputation is developed across various public sectors, promoting positive brand association. consistent cross marketing occurs at key company development stages, ensuring healthy growth and exposure.

strategic marketing

we utilize key alliances and a combination of traditional and alternative marketing techniques, including print, film, and web. alternative marketing strategies are both forward thinking and creative, ensuring that our clients stand apart from competitors.

product placement

brand recognition follows brand exposure - consumers are more likely to purchase and invest in products praised by credible media. the markoff group’s industry intelligence and long-standing professional relationships strongly influence global and domestic media placement. through key product placement, our clients are able to capitalize on media exposure and elevated brand status.

brand licensing, merchandising, & promotion

healthy growth occurs organically with strategic guidance. we create projects that increase brand value and generate new revenue streams. founder natalie markoff’s extensive experience spearheading company development places her in a key position to guide expansion into fresh product and service sectors while maintaining core company values.

strategic partnerships

successful businesses naturally gravitate towards one another to generate consumer awareness and meet demand. markoff group guides the formation of strong alliances, forging mutually beneficial collaborations while maintaining brand individuality. we are an industry leader at identifying and pursuing relations with forward thinking luxury lifestyle companies, while protecting brand integrity by remaining highly selective. we introduce our clients to luxury brands with established relationships, and design and implement strategic partnerships to increase visibility and promote brand identity.