Kyle's Treehouse
Kyle's Treehouse

Kyle's Treehouse, a 501 (c) 3 organization, is dedicated to empowering all people touched by autism to make effective choices. The organization and website was founded by Jenifer and Jeffrey Westphal, whose son Kyle was diagnosed with autism in 1998, The Westphals spent the next three years trying to navigate the often conflicting ways to approach and cope with the diagnosis. Their journey amounted to a self-directed investigation. In the end, they implemented The Son-Rise Program for three and a half years in combination with dietary, sensory and alternative therapies, which have proved to be highly effective. Today, Kyle functions as a communicative, creative and engaged teenager.

The frustration the Westphals experienced on this difficult journey led them to launch, a website that helps newly diagnosed families sift through the mountains of autism information, learn about a wide range of treatment options and share their questions, concerns, and experiences with other families through online community forums.

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